Iprona develops and supplies compounds in the following categories

Energy drinks

The growing market for energy drinks offers plenty of room for traditional as well as innovative, new varieties. The ingredients range across the spectrum from herbal to fruit-based. Caffeine supplies the energy which, for example, can be... more »

Still and carbonated drinks containing fruit juice

Fancy some fruit? Drinks containing fruit juices are popular all year round with people of all ages. There are countless flavours all of which are refreshing both with and without carbon dioxide. Enriched with extensive vitamins, they are healthy... more »

Sports drinks

Sports drinks are ideal for rehydration especially during, and after, physical activity. Not only do they enable a rapid intake of fluid, they also supply the body with minerals and vitamins. In addition, the sugar content is reduced and replaced... more »

Malt drinks

Malt drinks are known as healthy, nutritious drinks that are also suitable for children and adults alike. Be it with or without alcohol, they are an alternative to traditional beer and, when chilled, make a refreshing drink. Malt, an ingredient... more »

Ice tea

Ideal for anyone who does not want to go without tea in summer should try our refreshing ice tea varieties. The innovative combinations of ingredients ranging from fruit-based to herbal mean there is a flavour available to suit everyone. The... more »

Alcoholic beverages, such as liqueurs, wines and cocktails

Drink mixes containing alcohol are very popular, as aperitifs, both at home and in cafés and bars. Both the classics and innovative drinks offer sparkling variety to suit all ages. With our all-in-one solutions, we can offer lasting,... more »

Functional water-based products with additional benefits

Health drinks that provide benefits for the body as well as having an invigorating taste are becoming increasingly popular. Low-calorie, fruit-flavoured waters form the basis of individual wellbeing and can increase vitality and fitness. We... more »

Beer mix drinks

Beer mix drinks appeal especially to the younger generation and which can be made with or without alcohol. There are numerous flavours that can be combined with classic beer. Fruit-based or herbal, we will help to find the optimum mix for you. ... more »

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