Freeze dried Powders

Description HiFreeze Products:
Freezedrying is a dehydration process used in food-technology. It works by freezing the material first and then reducing the frozen water. 

Our HiFreeze product range is manfactured from the whole fruit or the whole vegetable. They contain skin and seeds and add fibre as well as taste. They are not water soluble. 

The non-standardised HiFreeze Powders can be used in every food- or nutritional formulation for taste, nutrition and colour.

Description freeze dried Polyphenol Extract:
Our purest anthocyanin-standardised freeze-dried product is manufactured from Black Elderberry. Taste as well as anthocyanin content are concentrated. As a result, this powder does not contain any carrier and is water soluble.

The standardised Black Elderberry Extract 15% is used in delivery systems that require both, a high active ingredient level without additives as well as intense taste. 





Latin Binomial

Black Elderberry Freezedried Extract

Holunder Extrakt FD



Sambucus nigra

HiFreeze Black Elderberry powder

HiFreeze Holunder Pulver

n/a   Sambucus nigra

HiFreeze Bilberry Powder

HiFreeze Heidelbeer Pulver 



Vaccinium myrtillus

HiFreeze Aronia Powder

HiFreeze Aronia Pulver

n/a   Aronia melanacarpa

HiFreeze Strawberry powder

HiFreeze Erdbeer Pulver


Fragaraia ananassa


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