Polyphenol Fruitpowders

The powder retains the colour of the actual fruit. It contains no chemical preservatives.
A spray-dried powder produced from the original juice, standardised to the Fruit-Extract-Ratio and using maltodextrin as a carrier.

Adding of Polyphenols for colouring or nutritive purposes.



Botanical Binomial


Black Elderberry Extract 4:1 (min.)

Holunder Extrakt 4:1 (min.)

Sambucus nigra


Elderblossom Extract

Holunderblüte Extrakt

Sambucus nigra flos


Blackcurrant Extract 4:1 (min.)

Schwarze Johannisbeere Extrakt 4:1 (min.)

Ribes nigrum


Bilberry Extract 6:1 (min.)

Heidelbeere Extrakt 6:1 (min.)

Vaccinium myrtillus


Aronia  / Chokeberry Extract 3:1 (min.)

Aronia Extrakt 3:1 (min.)

Aronia melanocarpa


Cranberry Extract 6:1 (min.)

Cranberry Extrakt 6:1 (min.)

Vacc. oxycoccus / macrocarpon


Strawberry Extract 7:1 (min.)

Erdbeere Extrakt 7:1 (min.)

Frangaria ananassa


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