Clean Label
what consumers want

Nowadays, consumers are better informed than ever before and therefore it is hardly surprising that the desire for simple lists of ingredients, especially for beverages, is increasing. As it is our aim to serve as your first-choice partner with our expertise and genuine products, the topic of clean labeling is also very important to us at IPRONA.
But what do we mean by clean label products?

When a product is "clean label", it means a product is free from certain ingredients that consumers are wary of. This includes all artificial colors and flavors, as well as all E numbers. What many consumers are not aware of is that E numbers are usually hidden behind vitamin C and citric acid. Above a certain dosage, ascorbic acid can be declared as vitamin C and citric acid sounds like the sun-kissed fruit but has no connection with its botanical model. However, there are plenty of natural alternatives for these ingredients used in almost every drink. Therefore, at IPRONA we prefer to replace citric acid with lemon juice concentrate and use our excellent acerola juice concentrate to provide oxidation protection instead of adding ascorbic acid. Together with natural fruit flavors, it is possible to use juice concentrates and extracts to develop great drinks that are far superior to their “artificial” relatives in terms of taste and transparency.
Another topic that is going to play a very important role in the future is the Nutri-Score. This traffic light system is intended to give the consumer a better overview of sugar, fat and calorie levels. At IPRONA, we work with you to develop product concepts that meet current requirements and bring you the desired brand success.

We will be glad to offer our expertise, so please don't hesitate to contact us for any further information.


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