It's tea time
...thanks to IIT!

IIT stands for IPRONA Infusion Technology. It is a dedicated process for extraction of fruit components from different parts of vegetal raw materials like plant leaves, petals flowers, roots or seeds.

For the extraction of the different plant components only water is used. This means it is free of any other solvents. By modification of the physical process parameters like pressure, temperature and time the final composition of the infusion can be varied following customer requirements. Infusions are presented in a naturally cloudy form. After a dedicated clarification and filtration process also clear versions are available. The liquid version can be transformed into powder form using a very gentle spray drying process.

Ipronas infusions can be used as single ingredient, but also as essence to personalise the product in order to create a singular position on the market. Our technical assistance is prepared to support you in the application of the powerful resources for personalisation of your product.

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