Energy Drinks

The trend is towards natural energy drinks.
Every consumer knows the typical energy drink taste, which was often copied and rarely achieved. For some years now, however, natural energy drinks have become a big success story.
They vitalise without taurine, artificial flavors and colors and stimulate body and soul with fruit juice and natural caffeine from green tea or guarana, instead.
When it comes to drinks with juice content and natural ingredients, IPRONA is the right point of contact. There is a wide range of taste combinations to choose from, from local to exotic fruits or even vegetables. Above all, the natural taste is convincing. It is much more reminiscent of a soft drink and has the properties of an energy drink thanks to its natural caffeine.
If you take a look at the declaration of the ingredients, there are clear differences. Using the industry jargon, we call it “clean label” which means it is free of any artificial additives. Whether guava sour cherry or gooseberry grape - there are almost no limits to creativity here.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information! Our competent compound team will assist and support you with the development of your drinks.

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