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Authentication of the elderberry ingredient is key to differentiating a premium product from other products available on the market.

Elderberry is known for its immune health benefits. This is why demand for elderberry (in particular European Black Elderberry, or Sambucus nigra) extract has skyrocketed now that the world faces the present pandemic of COVID-19. And this is also the reason Travis, Borchardt, vice president of regulatory affairs and QA/QC of Green Bay, WI-based Natures Way, has done various tests with the aim to find additional supplies of raw materials. By doing so, the testing of various extracts on the market revealed a variety of possible adulterants present. Those included blueberry, black chokeberry, amaranth dye and black rice extract.

Also new consumers who don't have any experience with the material were attracted by the botanical. Their lack of expertise made it difficult for them to understand how it should look like and differentiate real from fake elderberry extract. Keep in mind: An easy thing to watch out for, is the colour. If it is not a very dark purple, probabily it is not elderberry, famous for its deep purple colour. 

You want to go more into detail? This article on tells you more.

ElderCraft® European black elderberry extract is made exclusively from Sambucus nigra and guarantees a standardized level of anthocyanins and polyphenols. Click here for more information.

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