ElderCraft® webinar
on Nutra Ingredients

Looking for the key element of your immunity-boosting product? Get informed and check out the webinar about European Black Elderberry Extract to get to know more about ElderCraft(R), IPRONAs branded premium ingredient.

ElderCraft® is a premium ingredient brand exclusively licensed by IPRONA. European Black Elderberry Extract is produced from only the best quality Austrian berries of a special variety called Haschberg. The variety is subject to numerous clinical studies that prove its beneficial natural effects on the human immune system. ElderCraft® is extracted from the berries using an exclusive technology that treats fruits gently without using any artificial solvents. The result? A one-of-a-kind premium ingredient strongly rooted in the company’s core belief that health comes from nature.

Interested? Get more information one the ElderCraft(R)-website or contact us directly via mail.

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