New Trend
Calm-Down Drinks

The market for energy drinks has been booming for many years and new flavours are being launched on the market. Meanwhile, consumer demand for natural energy drinks that do not contain taurine, artificial flavors and colourings but invigorate body and mind with fruit juice and natural caffeine from green tea or guarana, instead, has risen sharply.

Actually, there is a very special trend emerging right now which is exactly the opposite of the energy drink. It is called the “Calm-Down drink”. These are anti-energy drinks that help the thirsty seeker of rest to regenerate and relax. The compound team of IPRONA AG has done a lot of work here and developed an interesting range of soothing beverage concepts. Chamomile, valerian, lavender, balm and many other ingredients not only have a soothing effect but are transformed into delicious-tasting beverage combinations with various fruits. (Some product developers longed for a beanie of sleep after the first major tasting round.) Whether after sports, after work or a strenuous meeting – treat yourself to a well-deserved rest with the right Calm-Down drink.

Especially for breweries, the trend "Calm-Down" is very interesting. The soothing hops, known from beer production, can be combined particularly well with other ingredients to provide soothing drinks and thus a second stage is offered.
The compound team of IPRONA AG offers great concepts for both needs – whether natural energy drink or anti-energy drink, just contact us and we will find the right concept together.

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