Really, it’s all about the fruit

From Day One through today - IPRONA insists on only the highest quality. From raw materials through finished products, we measure and guarantee quality standards with both testing and technology.

Two of our fruits are special standouts in terms of nutritional value: the Haschberg elderberry and the Nerina strawberry.

The Haschberg elderberry is grown in magnesium-rich soil, resulting in big, juicy bluish-black berries with the highest possible anthocyanin content. The Nerina strawberry was selectively crossed with older wild strawberries, resulting in verifiably higher Vitamin C and polyphenol levels than an average strawberry.

Food & Beverage

At IPRONA, we develop and produce concentrates, extracts and compounds. Our highly-trained development team will partner with you to create the exact product you want, and the possibilities are almost endless. Our renowned enthusiasm, expertise and year-round high-quality standards have earned us customers in a wide variety of industries, including beverage, dairy, baked goods and sweets. Our customers’ needs drive everything we do and every decision we make. We are collaborators, innovators and problem solvers.


Nutrition & Health

As consumer awareness of health and nutrition has skyrocketed, so too has demand for fruit products for a variety of applications. There has been particularly noteworthy growth in the functional foods and dietary supplements categories. Our proprietary IPRONA Polyphenol Technology - an entirely mechanical, solvent-free separation and enrichment ultra-filtration process - enables us to fully customize and produce delicious and fragrant fruit extracts with the guaranteed minimum content of functional ingredients.

IPRONA is the undisputed market leader for Elderberry extracts. We have conducted multiple clinical trials with our active fruit-based ingredients and can substantiate their health benefits.

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