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Careers at Iprona

Our success is attributed to our motivated and well-trained employees who drive the business forward


More than three decades of corporate history

Apple trees, vines and plenty of sunshine characterise the Alps region called South Tyrol, one of the largest intensive fruit growing areas in Europe. Iprona, founded in 1981, is situated at the heart of this spectacular landscape which is steeped in legend and history.

Iprona has been very active over the past three decades. We have developed new technologies, introduced innovative products and expanded the company’s manufacturing base to supply our customers with a wide range of high quality products.

Iprona has become one of the world’s major international fruit processing and marketing enterprises.

Our range of products comprises concentrates made from berries, citrus and tropical fruits, infusions and food colourants as well as functional polyphenol extracts and customer-specific compounds.

Founded in 1981

in Lana, South Tyrol, Italy


In over  60  countries worldwide


of customer-specific products


technologies for gentle fruit processing

The name Iprona stands for standardised quality and product integrity

Iprona has always strived to raise standards through a commitment to quality assurance testing. In addition, we are flexible and able to respond quickly to constantly changing market trends to meet future demands.

We are customer focused and continuously analyze market trends.

You will benefit from our quick decision-making, flexibility to supply from small quantities to tanker-loads and our network of international supply chain partners for sourcing high quality and rare fruits.

Lana - Alto Adige - South Tyrol

Iprona lives and breathes its passion for fruit

We have always insisted on quality, from the raw materials we use through to the finished product. We measure and guarantee this through testing, the latest technologies and the extensive experience of our people.

Two of our products need special mention for their nutritional characteristics: the Haschberg elderberry and the Nerina strawberry.

The elderberry is grown under contract by over 600 growers covering 1500 hectares. This ensures that we can always supply sufficient quantities at a consistent quality.

The Nerina strawberry was selectively crossed to increase the nutritional density for health conscious consumers. The Nerina is crossed from the older wild strawberry varieties which were darker due to their polyphenol compounds. Nerina, the dark one, has a higher vitamin C content and higher polyphenol levels than the average strawberry.

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