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IPRONA is the only supplier you need

We are a full-service operation, eager to partner with you every step of the way from initial concept through manufactured product.

The first phase is active discovery, so we fully understand the end product you have in mind in terms of appearance, smell and taste. Whether you aim to produce a fruitjuice or energy drink, or even a cocktail, our capable compound innovators will produce a unique blend in sync with your goal.

We can also provide marketing concepts and manufacturing support, so you receive a ready-to-go product that matches your exact specifications

One-stop Shop

Development, marketing and production

Fully customized

Synced to your unique specs

Single source

End-to-end quality control  

Expert Collaboration

IPRONA professionals (and in certain cases, pros from vetted business partners) can offer a full range of product development and marketing services, including concept, design, production, packaging, logistics, even transferring the finished product into glass or pouches.

Customers can choose to engage our services at every step, or at some but not others. In other words, we’re a one-stop shop, but flexible.

Fruit in all its forms

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