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Careers at Iprona

Our success is attributed to our motivated and well-trained employees who drive the business forward



We select the best fruits for tomorrows trends from our international network

A good natural product needs the very best fruit. We pride ourselves for always sourcing only the best quality for our customers.

We have long standing collaboration with suppliers and partners in different countries around the world. This facilitates our searching for new fruits and technologies, so that we can deliver the trends of tomorrow to our customers today

The best

quality raw materials


minimum quantities of functional ingredients


to meet your requirements

Food & Beverage

We develop and produce concentrates, extracts and compounds. Our development team will work with you to create a product that meets your specifications and wishes. The possibilities are almost endless.

Our products maintain the same high quality standards all year round, are easy for our customers to handle, and can be used worldwide

  • in the beverage and tea industry for fruit juice drinks, nectars, ice tea, and fruit additives in alcoholic drinks
  • in the dairy industry and the manufacturing of ice cream for fruit preparations, coatings and desserts
  • in the production of confectionery and baked goods for sweets, fruit gums, chewy sweets, fillings, jellies and jams
  • for colouring fruit preparations, drinks, nectars, sweets, ice creams, jams, alcoholic drinks and more.

The needs of our customers are central to work processes. We see ourselves as innovators and problem-solvers for our customers.

Easy to use

Nutrition & Health

The growing awareness and importance of  health and nutrition has pushed the demand for corresponding improvements in taste. Particularly relevant for functional foods and dietary supplements.

Our Iprona Polyphenol Technology enables us to produce extracts from fruit whilst still retaining original aromas and taste profile. Our specifications guarantee a minimum content of functional ingredients. We are also able to customise individual extracts and blend extracts prior to shipment.

Iprona is the market leader for elderberry extracts. Both our Elderberry and Blackcurrant Extracts are produced using the Iprona Phenol Technology.

We have conducted many clinical trials with our active fruit based ingredients and can substantiate their health benefits.

More detailed information on the studies is available here

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