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Two products stand out amongst the fruit that
is processed by Iprona today:

Haschberg elderberries and Nerina strawberries.

High polyphenol levels

Lots of vitamin C

Valuable anthocyanins

Haschberg Elderberries

The Haschberg elderberry is renowned for its high polyphenol content and is distinguished by its high proportion of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which together promote health and can even prevent some illnesses. Furthermore, its colour intensity in comparison with wild elderberries or other red berries is significantly greater, meaning that it is ideal for use as a natural food colour.

Nerina Strawberries

The Nerina strawberry is a variety grown exclusively for Iprona that combines and brings back the benefits of the old wild strawberry varieties.

Embracing the motto “healthy with an attitude”, Nerina has a high vitamin C content, 6 times more anthocyanins and 18 times more polyphenols than a normal cultivated strawberry. Polyphenolic antioxidants offer well-documented health benefits including positive effects on the cardiovascular system and the regulation of blood sugar levels.

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