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Careers at IPRONA

We attribute the success of our industry-leading company to two key factors: markedly superior raw materials and capable, committed employees.


Nearly 40 years of growth and industry leadership

It all started just in 1981, in the Alps region of an Italian province called South Tyrol. Sunshine and blue skies are the norm in this oasis, one of the largest, most intensive fruit-growing areas in all of Europe.

IPRONA’s current offerings include concentrates made from berries, citrus and tropical fruits, infusions and food colorants, functional polyphenol extracts and customised compounds produced with customer input every step of the way.


Founded in 1981


Success in over  60  countries


Products developed for specific applications


Technologies for gentle fruit processing

Iprona proudly stands for standardized product quality and integrity

An unwavering commitment to quality assurance testing is core to who we are and what we do. And our corporate philosophy prioritizes agility. Thanks to our carefully cultivated and wholly trusted international network of fruit suppliers, we can source best-quality fruit to fulfill a customer request from ‘small batch’ to ‘tanker load.’


Lana - Alto Adige - South Tyrol

Really, it’s all about the fruit

From Day One through today - IPRONA insists on only the highest quality. From raw materials through finished products, we measure and guarantee quality standards with both testing and technology.

Two of our fruits are special standouts in terms of nutritional value: the Haschberg elderberry and the Nerina strawberry.

The Haschberg elderberry is grown in magnesium-rich soil, resulting in big, juicy bluish-black berries with the highest possible anthocyanin content. The Nerina strawberry was selectively crossed with older wild strawberries, resulting in verifiably higher Vitamin C and polyphenol levels than an average strawberry.

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