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Have you got an idea for a great drink?

Would you like a high quality product tailored to your needs? Then our team is the right partner for your business-to-business solution. Together with you, we will develop the right flavour, the best colour and the most suitable mouthfeel.

During the innovation process there are no limits to your imagination. All that is needed is a rough idea of the end product, preferably in the form of a briefing. In joint discussions, analyses and tastings, step by step, we will work our way towards the right drink for you and your customers. You can choose from countless varieties of fruit. So, there’s no limit to the flavours that can be produced. Everything is possible, from sweet, exotic and fruity to tangy or acidic.

We can produce compounds for:


of your product idea,
individual formulation

The best natural raw materials

for premium beverages

Countless options

in the choice of ingredients

The combined expert knowledge

of our team

Energy Drinks

These popular pick-me-ups can be formulated to your individual requirements. From fruitily sweet to subtly tangy, from traditional to innovative. For an energy kick we use caffeine, the seeds of the guarana plant. We use natural ingredients, such as natural flavourings, extracts and colours, for example, from the elderberry.

New energy for you and your customers with every mouthful!

Drinks containing fruit juice

Drinks containing fruit juice are popular thirst quenchers with both children and adults. They can be produced in countless different flavours and mixed with or without carbon dioxide. Enhancing them with vitamins makes a delicious drink into a healthy refresher.

Sports drinks

Sports drinks are ideal for ensuring adequate hydration whilst enjoying sporting activity. They quickly supply energy, minerals and vitamins.

At the same time they are also the perfect refreshment in hot summer weather, as they usually have somewhat fewer calories than traditional soft drinks, due to the use of sweeteners, stevia or a mixture of glucose, fructose and sucrose.

We also pay attention to the isotonic value of the drink, i.e. the osmotic pressure level, so that the drink can be absorbed especially quickly, providing energy in as short a time as possible.

Malt drinks

For centuries malt has been an important ingredient in the production of drinks such as beer, as well as in food production. Above all it should be noted that it is a valuable provider of energy for both adults and children.

Using a new concept we have succeeded in combining malt with fruit in the form of delicious malt fruit drinks. No flavourings are used in the process, instead malt is blended directly with juice to create natural fruit experiences with or without alcohol for our business-to-business solutions.

Tea drinks

Tea is not just enjoyable drunk hot. Cold, in the form of iced tea, it is an excellent refresher, especially in hot summer temperatures. There are plenty of choices of foundation for your drink, ranging from traditional black tea, through to green tea or maté. Depending on individual preferences, the flavours can be tangy, sweet or fruity.

In combination with sources of sweetness, such as stevia, or sweeteners, we are able to produce low-calorie refreshing tea drinks for you and your customers. To do this we also use our infusion technology, which gives the drink a unique character.

Alcohol based drinks

Fruit and alcohol mix very well, for example for a refreshing aperitif, a sweet liqueur or a classic cocktail. We can supply you with the right fruit compounds, which our development team will coordinate with your alcoholic product to create your desired end product. With these so-called “all-in-one” solutions we guarantee that you will always receive a consistent quality of product.

Near water drinks

Is water too boring and fruit juices mostly too sweet or too sour? Then near water drinks could be perfect for you! Fruit and herbal additives are combined with water to make a flavoursome, low-calorie drink. In the process you will enjoy all of the benefits of water mixed with innovative, exotic or even traditional flavour combinations. And for those who prefer it fizzy, then carbon dioxide can be added. Wellness at home!


Beer mixer drinks make it possible to serve beer in many new flavour varieties. From the traditional variant with lemon, through to more innovative combinations with peach, green apples or as a beer Mojito with the fresh taste of mint and lime. There are no limits on your imagination.

Drinks with vegetable ingredients

Vegetables are always an important ingredient in the preparation of healthy meals. Here we take that a step further, with vegetables providing delicious juices for our business-to-business solutions. They can be used in combination with fruit juice concentrates, natural flavourings and extracts as well as being enhanced with herbs, or, for those who prefer things a little hotter, with chilli or ginger, for example.

Soft drinks

We can create a soft drink exactly in keeping with your ideas. In so doing we can use a variety of different sweetening options. From natural cola and cola mix to fruity soft drinks or an alternative with herbs, everything is possible. Simply refreshing and delicious!

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