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Benefit from our many years of experience and our passion for fruit

We use natural ingredients combined with our proprietary technologies to preserve the aromas, flavours and colours of the fruits.

Our high quality is achieved through meticulous selection of raw materials, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and the knowledge and experience of our long-serving employees.

We are always looking for new ways of perfecting our raw materials sourcing, optimising processes, and continuing to improve our extensive range of products on your behalf.

We are the experts

We process juices from berries, citrus and tropical fruits into customer-specific juice concentrates, exclusive freeze concentrates, premium puree concentrates and versatile pulp concentrates according to your end-product needs. Furthermore we produce high quality fruit powders, nutritional polyphenol extracts and natural food colours. We also create infusions from leaves, roots, flowers, seeds and herbs.

We offer many years of experience and a passion for fruit.

We can produce:

Continuous development

of new products and technologies

Large selection

of high quality fruit ingredients

Innovative technologies

for carefully processing fruit


range of uses for concentrates

Juice Concentrates

Our juice concentrates are produced using thermal concentration to reduce the water content from either fresh or frozen fruit. The concentrate can be cloudy or clear. It is primarily used in the beverage industry for making fruit juice drinks, nectars, soft drinks or alcoholic drinks. Other applications include the confectionery and baked goods industries as well as the dairy industry and the manufacture of ice cream. Our juice concentrates provide a nutritious component to confectionery, fruit gums, fillings, fruit preparations, coatings and more.

A selection of our juice concentrates can also be used for colouring foods. This compliments clean labelling with declaration as juice concentrates.

Freeze Concentrates

Premium Juice concentrates can also be produced using a cooling process. We are one of the few companies in the world able to separate the water from fruit content using this protective crystallisation method. The freeze concentrates are of premium quality as the natural compounds, flavour, fruit aroma and colour, are all preserved after processing. In terms of taste, appearance and aroma. Juices reconstituted from freeze concentrate have had no thermal stress during the concentration process. This results in an exact sensory match to the original fresh juice (NFC).

Freeze concentrates also have transport and storage benefits due to concentration.

Freeze concentrates are ideal for enhancing the sensory perception of your premium products. Often used for high quality fruit syrups, fruit jellies, ice creams, cocktail mixes and coatings.

Puree Concentrates

Our puree concentrates are highly versatile and customers appreciate their ease of handling. Mainly used for jams, fillings for baked goods, ice creams and in the dairy industry for fruit yogurts and so on.

We only use high quality raw materials for all of our puree concentrates which guarantees quality and availability all year round.

Pulp Concentrates

We offer quality pulp concentrates, which can even be enhanced to your individual needs with fruit pieces and seeds. Pulp concentrates are primarily used in the baked goods and confectionery industries, as well as for fruit preparations and coatings.

Pulp concentrates also enable reduced transport costs and lower storage costs compared to single strength products.

Natural Fruit Colours

We supply standardised natural colourants with a wide range of intensities for fruit preparations, drinks, sweets, jams and ice cream. Our most vivid colour solution is produced from black elderberry and marketed under the Rubini® trademark. All our natural colourants use industry standard unit quantification.

Fruit Powders

Fruit powders are an interessting alternative to our liquid products. We use spray drying technology to remove the water content in the fruit extract or concentrate. Our fruit powders have many applications including fruit fillings, baked goods, confectionery and drink sachets.


Ask about our own proprietary, “Iprona Infusion Technology”, to create natural infusions from leaves, roots, flowers, seeds and herbs. The infusions are standardised using high quality raw materials. Infusion technology is an innovative way of developing unusual flavours and new trends to differentiate your products in the competitive beverage world

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