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CRAFT - our Product Line for Polyphenol Extracts

Our Polyphenol standardized fruit extracts are branded ingredients, produced from black elderberry, blackcurrant, aronia, tart cherry and blueberry.

They are used in dietary supplements, OTC products, functional foods, cosmetics and pharmaceutical formulations.

CRAFT” Extracts are premium and characterized as:

The product range comprises:

Guaranteed dosage

of active ingredients

Authenticated and traceable

for nutraceuticals & OTC & pharma

European sourced fruit

for the optimum polyphenol content

Clinical studies

ongoing to substantiate efficacy

*Craft - unique of its kind

*Craft Liquid Extract

Manufactured for liquid supplements, lozenges and functional drinks. Water soluble and standardised on polyphenols and anthocyanins for dosage application.

*Craft® liquid extracts are used by the pharma and nutritional industry for health and well-being solutions.

*Craft Extract Powder

The powdered extracts are spray-dried to specified polyphenols and anthocyanin parameters. These unique ingredients are suitable for capsules, gels, lozenges, sachets, droppers, effervescent tablets and gummies

Fruit Powder

Our fruit juice concentrates are spray-dried into a powder and specified to a minimum content of polyphenols and anthocyanins. 

These powders are used from food, pharma and cosmetic companies for beverages, sports nutrition, capsules, effervescent tablets and every application, that not only needs a minimum amount of active ingredient, but also the original taste, flavour and aroma profile of a dark berry.

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