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Our premium Craft product line consists of natural ingredients that boost human health and facilitate commercial success.

Our branded product line features standardised and functional polyphenol extracts from elderberry, sour cherries, black currants and aronia. The estracts are suitable for use in food supplements, OTC products, functional foods and beverages, as well as for cosmetic products. Every product has a purely European supply chain, is fully traceable and has beneficial natural effects that have been proven by clinical studies.

Our polyphenol product range includes liquid extracts and extract powder.

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The Secret of IPT
our Solvent-Free Extraction

IPRONA developed the proprietary IPRONA Polyphenol Technology (IPT): an entirely mechanical, solvent-free separation, concentration and enrichment ultra-filtration process.

This process utilizes specially-designed membranes with different pore sizes to separate pressed fruit juice into two streams based on the sizes of the molecules. The high molecular weight fractions (larger molecules including polyphenols, anthocyanins and polysaccharides) are concentrated in one direction, the low molecular weight fractions (smaller molecules such as fructose and mineral salts) in another.
This methodology allows for extracting without resorting to using solvents. The entire fruit matrix of the
berry is retained, and the original flavour and aroma profile are maintained.

*Craft® extracts are water-soluble and standardised to a polyphenol and anthocyanin specification.

Guaranteed dosage

of active ingredients

European sourced fruit

for the optimum polyphenol content

Clinical studies

ongoing to substantiate efficacy

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