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In large parts of the world, gastronomy has suffered and is still suffering from Corona. Despite that - or perhaps precisely because of that - it is worth looking for new opportunities in the area of bar drinks. Consumers are looking more than ever for variety and bar culture in this difficult time.
You can also enjoy a fresh, fruity cocktail at home without having learned the art of a bartender because we at IPRONA have developed a variety of classic cocktails, both alcohol-free and alcoholic. With these basic material variations, many possible applications can be covered: Filled as a mocktail in a tetrapack, in which the end consumers can add their alcohol at will, as a ready-made cocktail served on ice or as a space-saving syrup.
There are hardly any limits to the beverage concepts. As an alcohol-free mocktail, for example, the varieties Caipirinha, Tequila Sunrise, Vanilla Sky, Sex on the Beach, Pina Colada or Mojito bring fruity enjoyment in the glass. By using natural flavors such as rum or tequila, alcohol-free variants can be created that are in no way inferior to the freshly mixed original from the bartender. Certainly, all creations can also be filled into the desired container with the corresponding alcohol at the bottler.
Incidentally, the cocktail ingredients from the IPRONA think tank are not limited to cocktails and mocktails. They can be applied just as well to beer, fruit wine or sparkling wine and result in fruity-fresh beverage creations for the coming summer. From Caibeerinha to Abeerol to Sekt on the Beach, a lot is possible!
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With this in mind: Prost! Cheers! Cin Cin!
Or as we say in South Tyrol: Zum Wohl!

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