Difference between
Concentrates & Extracts

IPRONA produces a variety of different products and uses diverse production technologies in order to transform fruits into outstanding ingredients. We offer products for food and beverage industry as well as for health and nutrition. These ingredients differ not only in their final use but also in the way they are produced. 

Among other product lines our product assortment for food and beverage industry includes puree concentrates, pulp concentrates and juice concentrates.

Our concentrates are made starting from fresh or frozen fruit. The fruit is first processed into a puree or a juice. Subsequently part of the water of constitution is evaporated until the desired soluble solids (Brix) is reached. In order to standardise the final product according to customer specification different product lots are appropriately blended. This standardisation step allows our customers to consistently use our ingredient without adjusting their recipes, as we provide a constant ingredient.

Our extracts which are suitable for use in food supplements, OTC products, functional foods and beverages, as well as for cosmetic products, on the other hand are generated with a mechanical, solvent-free separation and enrichment membrane filtration process (IPRONA Polyphenol Technology - IPT). This methodology allows for enrichment of dedicated fruit components without resorting to using solvents. The entire fruit matrix of the berry is retained in the extract.

To learn more about the different products we make, please consult the delivery program of our Food & Beverage Ingredients and our Health & Nutrition Ingredients or contact us via email. We will be glad to answer all your questions. 

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