The aperitivo is customary in South Tyrol, where the pleasant climate south of the Alps leads people to meet for a pre-dinner drink. A refreshing “Aperol Spritz” or a delicious “Hugo” are often the first choice to start off an enjoyable evening. Then, it usually continues with a freshly tapped beer. So why not combine the two?

When it comes to beer mixes, most people initially think of the classic shandy with lemon. However, the possibilities are almost endless. In recent years, we have seen an increased trend towards hazy lemon shandies and enhancements with orange, apple, and herbs.

Furthermore, there are other exciting combinations of beer with fruit that can be crafted. The next level in beer mixing is undoubtedly the concept of beer meets cocktail. Zesty and refreshing creations like "Abeerol" or "Caibeerinha" are just a few examples of the numerous possibilities. Whether the concept is developed with alcohol or as a non-alcoholic option, it will certainly provide a refreshing taste experience.

The creative minds at IPRONA Beverage Development are more than willing to create an individual beer mix concept for your brewery, allowing you to embrace the trend of refreshing beer mix drinks in hot summers!

We will be glad to offer our expertise, so please don't hesitate to contact us for any further information.

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