Flavouring organic products EU Reg.2018/848

A new Regulation of the European Union (EU 2018/848) changes the rules of the game. IPRONA helps partners to adapt their products to the new Regulation offering its knowledge and a variety of suitable solutions.

A new European Regulation on organic production and labelling of organic products is going to bring a variety of changes to the beverage industry. In particular, the flavouring of beverages has been reorganised and companies working in that field need to adapt to the upcoming rules. With the aim of being the first-choice partner for beverage manufacturers, we here at IPRONA want to pass on our expertise to our customers and are able to work out a number of solutions in order to meet the demand and be legally compliant. 

The new Regulation (EU) 2018/848 of the European Parliament should have come into force on January 1st, 2021. Due to the ongoing pandemic, its implementation was postponed to January 1st, 2022. Within this due date, all existing organic products that contain natural flavours must be adapted to the new EU Organic Regulation EU 2018/848.

Most important key facts:

  • In future, only the use of certified organic flavours or flavours suitable for organic production is permitted in beverages. That means there is no possibility of using flavouring substances or flavouring preparations which are neither natural nor organic.
  • The use of flavours with a percentage of less than 95% of organic ingredients by weight of their ingredients of agricultural origin are no longer permitted.

IPRONA has a lot of experience in producing high quality juice concentrates, including concentrates in organic quality. Having a broad network of manufacturers of flavours, extracts and oils, we also have access to a large number of certified organic and suitable organic raw materials. We use these ingredients to develop excellent organic drinks and will be happy to bring your beverages to the next level.

For further information, please contact our Compounds team. We will be happy to collaborate with you and develop certified organic beverages for your company.

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