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Sugar reduction

Sugar in food is an issue that is being discussed all around the world. The average per capita consumption per day in Germany is about 93 grams. This makes Germany one of the top nations in terms of sugar consumption. The recommended daily dose is about 25 grams, which is well below current consumption. Therefore, the food industry is intensively concerned with the topic of sugar reduction in its products. But no need to worry. There are various ways to substitute the popular sweet taste with alternatives.

Artificial sweeteners such as saccharin, sodium cyclamate or acesulfame K have been used in food for decades but have lost popularity. Stevia has had a period of growth in recent years but can only be used to a limited extent without creating a false taste. Modifying aromas, special aromas those that bring not only taste but also sweetness to the drink and can be declared as natural flavors, are particularly trendy. In addition to all these ways to replace sugar, there are other options to make the drinks or products less sweet. A popular option is to replace sugar in a drink with more juice content. Here you can already see many premium lemonades on the market, which provide special taste experiences with high juice content and little added sugar. Furthermore, simply adding less sugar is the simplest and quite good-tasting alternative. Thanks to the clever combination of juice and extracts, many consumers hardly notice when they drink a less sweet product. Also beverage concepts that come completely without added sugar are possible. Usually they have a higher juice content and can be declared as calorie-free.

To put it in a nutshell, there are many ways to design drinks with less sugar. Just contact us for your own project. Our compound team is looking forward to your inquiry.

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