In vivo study

Polyphenols in ElderCraft® show strong prebiotic effects and modulate the human microbiota in many beneficial ways. This and many more results on our latest human clinal trial were presented at 11th Probiotics, Prebiotics & New food conference in Rome.

It is common knowledge that Polyphenols have strong prebiotic effects on the human microbiota. Prebiotics are a group of nutrients that are metabolized by gut microbiota. Their effects on human overall health have been an area of increasing interest in recent years. The ELDERGUT study was designed to evaluate the effects of ElderCraft®, black elderberry extract on the human microbiota.

The ELDERGUT trial was designed as a longitudinal cohort trial in 30 healthy participants over 9 weeks. patients were characterized for 3 weeks prior to the 3 weeks intervention, followed by a 3-week wash-out phase after the intervention. Patients completed weekly symptoms questionnaires and provided a weekly bio sample set.  16S amplicon sequencing was applied to fecal DNA and metabolomics data were generated from urine samples by nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (NMR).

Results of the ELDERGUT study showed that ElderCraft® has rapid and strong prebiotic effect in the human intestinal microbiota. Interestingly a significant and lasting increase in the bacteria Akkermansia muciniphila was observed.

For further information on the human clinical trial ELDERGUT, IPRONA's latest in vivo study in collaboration with VASCage and led by the gastroenterologist and expert for gastrointestinal diseases and nutrition Dr. Alexander Moschen, head of the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Mucosal Immunology at the Medical University Innsbruck, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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