At IPRONA, we have long-standing expertise with red fruits. One of them, the elderberry, provides delicious tasting flowers even before the fruit is mature.

Elderflowers and elderberries from Austria have been IPRONA’s top sellers for more than 40 years. Flowers and berries grow on the same plant and are picked manually. While the crop period for the flowers is in May, the berries are picked in September. The flowers and berries have been used for centuries in traditional medicine and have recently become popular ingredients in the food & beverage industry due to their unique flavour, the intensive colour and health benefits.

For more than 40 years, IPRONA has been sourcing our elderflowers and elderberries directly from Austria. Today, we produce about 10,000 tons of fruit per year. We guarantee to provide a standardised product and a 100% full traceability back to the fields.

The flowers of the elderberry (sambucus nigra) distinguish themselves by a beautiful white colour and flowering refreshing taste. Here, we identify three of the major trends where elderflower is being used as a food and beverage ingredient :

  1. Beverages: elderflower is a popular ingredient in beverages such as cocktails, lemonades and teas. Its sweet and floral flavour pairs well with a variety of other ingredients and adds a refreshing twist to classic drinks.
  2. Desserts and Jam: Elderflower is also being used in desserts such as cakes, sorbets and jam. Its delicate flavour adds a subtle floral note that complements the sweetness of the dessert.
  3. Savory dishes: Elderflower is increasingly being used in savory dishes such as marinades, dressings and sauces. Its unique flavour adds complexity to the dish and pairs well with meat, fish and vegetables.

We take pride in providing high-quality and sustainably sourced ingredients to our customers.

We hope you will enjoy our elderflower extract and the unique flavour it brings to your favorite dishes and beverages.

To learn more about IPRONA’s top sellers, please consult our Sales Team and contact us via email. We will be glad to answer all your questions. 

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