New research collaboration
on properties of ElderCraft

IPRONA announces a new Research collaboration with the Department of Immune Modulation from the University Hospital Erlangen, to further explore the health promoting properties of ElderCraft, European Black Elderberry Extract. The project will be supervised by Prof. Alexander Steinkasserer, Head of the Department of Immune Modulation and a leading expert in the field.

Black elderberries are used since centuries in traditional medicine as a remedy for cough, colds and flu. During the last decades, these effects have been tested and confirmed in several placebo controlled human clinical trials. These studies have consistently shown a significant reduction in symptom severity and also a reduction in sickness duration. The current research project will focus on the immune modulating properties of polysaccharides and anthocyanins present in the elderberry extract. CEO Stephan Breitenberger says “At IPRONA we strongly believe that health benefits of nutritional ingredients should always be backed by validated scientific data. We are very proud to initiate this project and to work with Prof. Steinkasserer at the Department of Immune Modulation to further understand the positive effects of our extracts on the human immune system.”  
ElderCraft(R) European Black Elderberry is made without the use of solvents. The extract is available as a liquid or a fine powder and is used in a variety of food supplements worldwide.

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