Social reach monetization

Have you developed a commercial reach on social channels and are now faced with the question of how you can generate additional sales from it?

At IPRONA, you've come to the right place when it comes to building your own beverage concept. Either we already have a suitable product or a suitable product range in the drawer, or we will develop your own individual drink. Our team of creative and experienced developers will work with you to design your individual product, with which you can further monetize your reputation.

In addition to tea drinks, with which some influencers are currently very successful, many other drink categories are possible. From mixed beer drinks to lemonades, energy drinks, soft drinks, isotonic drinks, syrups and much more. There are no limits on your creativity.

If you have the necessary reach to bring more than a 100,000 fillings to your customers in a short time, just talk to our team. We can build you a scalable drink and help with our contacts to possible bottlers.

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