Immune beverages

Health is our most valuable asset - this has been proven to us in a pretty dramatic way over the past year and a half. This is why immune beverages are on the rise. 

Fundamentally, it should be clear to everyone that a balanced diet, sufficient exercise and calorie-conscious eating and drinking are the foundations of a person’s well-being. With the right choice of drinks, you can make a major contribution towards optimal nutrition. Immune drinks are currently a "must have" in large parts of the world due to the effects of the pandemic.
We would be delighted to provide you with information on the current valid EU guidelines for using health claims on these unique and incredibly popular beverages. As red fruit specialists, we at IPRONA are the go-to source for healthy raw materials. We already successfully sell fruit extracts under the ElderCraft (elderberry extract), CurrantCraft (black currant extract) and CherryCraft (sour cherry extract) brands. 
Elderberry has been shown to be particularly beneficial to the immune system. Elderberries are real immune-boosting powerhouses, and elderflower has always been regarded as a beneficial plant. CurrantCraft supports mental performance, whereas CherryCraft helps recovery after exercise.
IPRONA extracts are anthocyanin and polyphenol standardized. As a result, they provide real added value to the consumer. All these functions can be incorporated into soft drinks and, along with vital hydration, help to support physical well-being and health. 
Our team of beverage developers has already created a great product range of concepts using the aforementioned and other functional raw materials. If you are interested in the implementation of these product ideas, or if you would like to work on an individual development project, taking advantage of our expertise and experience, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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