Using our cold side to reach
a quality which will warm your heart

A unique process to bring out the best of our product: we concentrate by freezing. Here we are not working with heat, but with the counterpart: the coldness. By applying this special process, we are able to prevent any kind of reduction of the quality and maintain the flavour, the colour and the vitamins of the original products at the same time.

Therefore, we can say that the freeze concentrate is the number 1 of our products. Due to this special method, using coldness instead of heat, we have the possibility to reach the best possible quality level. We are the only company using this procedure on fruit worldwide, as we appreciate all the positive aspects that crystallisation brings. Some of the most important and also the most obvious advantages are the great quality, colour and flavour that we can obtain. During redilution with water you get a juice, which is identical to a NFC juice from a sensorial point of view because by throughout the whole process any thermal exposure can be avoided. Furthermore, it is also necessary to mention the fact that the product is packaged aseptically which is easy to handle and in addition the transportation and storage costs are comparatively low. In total, we can say that the freeze concentrate is the ideal way to give your product the perfect final touch, whether it is for fruit syrups, fruit jellies or ice cream.

You are working on your new premium product? Then do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to work with you and will help you bring you product to the next level! 

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