We believe in Science

On the occasion of SupplySide West, IPRONA shows once again commitment to supplement science with new studies.

IPRONA and Artemis International have once again demonstrated their belief in science by supporting two clinical trials into the effects of their fruit extracts on human health.

Researchers have already validated IPRONA’s branded extracts of European Origin, CurrantCraft® and ElderCraft®, in multiple studies. The latest clinical trials provided evidence of the effects of ElderCraft® on the human gut microbiota and the potential of CurrantCraft® to tackle digital eye fatigue.

In the ElderCraft® study, researchers enrolled 30 healthy people in a human clinical crossover trial. The study linked the daily consumption of 600 mg ElderCraft®, a polyphenol standardised European black elderberry extract, to a profound increase of microbial diversity in the gut. Participants consuming the extract showed elevated levels of Akkermansia muciniphila, a bacterium that is highly connected to inflammation and metabolism, even after stopping taking the extract.

The effect of ElderCraft® on the gut microbiota adds to evidence that polyphenol-rich extracts have strong prebiotic effects. Polyphenols are known to induce a higher abundance of bacterial target species with beneficial effects on the host, such as increased production of short-chain fatty acids. Click here for further information.

In the CurrantCraft® study, investigators randomised 61 adult females aged 30 to 59 years to take the European blackcurrant extract or placebo for 10 weeks. The women all worked or studied in front of a screen for at least six hours a day, putting them at risk of the digital eye fatigue that can result from prolonged computer, tablet, e-reader and cell phone use.

After taking daily doses that contained 50 mg of anthocyanins for 10 weeks, subjects in the CurrantCraft® arm of the trial experienced a 29.9% reduction in symptoms of blurry vision. Subjects in the placebo arm experienced little to no improvement. The study also linked the consumption of the extract to greater reductions in eye strain and dry eye than placebo. Click here for further information.

Stephan Plattner, PhD, and Jesse Hawkins, PhD, co- authors of the ElderCraft® and CurrantCraft® studies, respectively, will be at SupplySide West to discuss the findings. Visit IPRONA and our partner Artemis at booth #3845 and talk to our experts! You are not at Supply Side West? Write us an email at healthandnutrition@iprona.com and we will be happy to answer to all your questions.

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