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First solvent-free and standardised Black Currant Extract on the market

Interest in black currant products has increased in recent years as researchers have linked the fruit, which is rich in anthocyanins, polyphenolic substances, antioxidants, and vitamin C, to a wide range of positive effects. Clinical studies have shown the superfruit supports markers of cognitive performance and is associated with reduced anxiety and fatigue and increased alertness. Other studies have linked the fruit to effects on sport performance, cardiovascular health, and eye health.

The growing, compelling body of evidence has created a need for standardized black currant extracts that provide the consistent quantities of anthocyanins needed to deliver the desired effects. Using the expertise and infrastructure behind its successful ElderCraft® and CherryCraft® extracts, IPRONA has delivered a black currant extract that meets the needs of manufacturers and consumers.

“We have tracked the clinical validation of black currant in recent years with interest,” said Stephan Breitenberger, CEO of IPRONA SPA. “The science has now advanced to the point that we see a clear need for a standardized extract manufactured using a solvent-free production method and vertically integrated European supply chain. We look forward to working with our customers to use the extract to create products that improve health and wellbeing.”

Production of CurrantCraft® starts with a special variety of black currant, called Blackdown. IPRONA works with a cooperative of French farmers in the Loire valley, where the soil is ideal for growing nutrient-rich black currants, to access the highest-quality berries and then extracts the best of nature using a gentle, solvent-free proprietary process. The IPRONA Polyphenol Technology is used to make ElderCraft®, CherryCraft®, and CurrantCraft®.

The resulting CurrantCraft® extract comes from a fully traceable supply chain and is suitable for use in a wide range of dosage forms, including capsules, gummies, sachets, and effervescent tablets. CurrantCraft®’s formulation flexibility enables manufacturers to bring the validated benefits of black currants to their customers in a range of dosage forms tailored to the needs of different groups of consumers.

Download our press release and visit our new website www.currantcraft.info for further information or contact us at healthandnutrition@iprona.com.

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