Advantages & application
of puree concentrates

Some of the most versatile products we offer here at IPRONA are our puree concentrates.

Puree concentrates are obtained by evaporation of the water under vacuum. Under this process condition the concentration runs at low temperatures und therefore the obtained puree concentrate is of high sensorial quality.
Puree concentrates should be used whenever high fruit content products need to be developed. The customer can use the puree concentrate to enhance the fruit content in the recipe without concentration in a cooking boule. This way the recipes can be balanced without evaporation at the customer’s site. The results are shorter processing times as well as advantages in the sensorial quality of the final product.
Typical applications of puree concentrates are therefore the manufacture of high-quality jams, fruit spreads as well as fruit preparations for bakery, confectionary, ice cream and dairy applications.

Fruit preparations hugely benefit from an ingredient like our puree concentrates as this ingredient is a highly standardised product. The customers can then personalise their recipes by adding further ingredients like fruits, fruit pieces, sugars and sweeteners, stabilisers, flavours, or even other functional ingredients. This gives our clients a maximum of flexibility to create their unique products

We process a lot of different fruits into puree concentrates and we offer puree concentrate blends upon customers request as well. Please find a list of our current offerings here or contact our helpful team.

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