All-in-one solution
IPRONA Instant Powders

Here at IPRONA we manufacture a wide range of liquid products, but we are also very successful in producing powders. 

We offer a line of fruit powders that we create by using the spray-drying technology on our fruit concentrates and the carrier maltodextrin. Fruit powders are the ideal ingredient for bringing natural fruit content into dried products like powder mixes or granola bars as well as into creamy, fatty products. 

Further we also have instant powders in our assortment: our instant powders are a wonderful all-in-one solution. They already contain fruit powder as well as acidifiers, sweeteners, natural colours and flavours. We standardise the instant powders so that they have a balanced taste and flavour and a vibrant colour. They dissolve quickly in water and create an instant drink. 
Instant powders can be used in cold or hot drinks, in beverages or in tea, health and sports drinks. The powders have a long shelf life and are easy to store and to transport. 
We provide the powders as an ingredient while our clients realise the final product, packaging, the labelling, their marketing campaigns and the sale of the final product into their market. You can have a look at the large variety of flavours we offer here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at and we will gladly assist with your questions or organise small samples of the products for you. We look forward to receiving your requests.

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