Here at IPRONA we have a long experience with producing infusions and extract using water as the only solvent. These water based infusions and extracts are perfect for bringing flavour into your products without adding undesired alcohol content.

IPRONA has many years of experience producing elderflower extracts using our IPRONA Infusion Technology. We sell both a 2 brix version of this product and a 65 brix version containing sucrose. Additionally, an organic version is available. This product line has been one of our most successful in the past decades as clients appreciate the consistent quality and the great taste. 
Our elderflower extracts can be used in drinks, syrups and jellies as a stand-alone ingredient or in combination with other fruity ingredients. Here in northern Italy a cocktail called "Hugo" containing elderflower in combination with mint and prosecco is very popular, but elderflower is also often combined with lemon or lime in cocktails or drinks.

We will gladly send you more information about this product line and samples of our products, please contact us (foodandbeverage@iprona.com) with your enquiry. 

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