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Vulcolor Naturfarben GmbH became Iprona Güssing GmbH

Güssing GmbH

Starting from 2024, Vulcolor Naturfarben GmbH will proudly produce color extracts, natural flavors, and concentrates from berries under the new name Iprona Güssing GmbH.

Elderberry: A Local Medicinal and Food Product

The headquarters and production site in Güssing are located in the heart of Europe's largest elderberry cultivation area. The Burgenland town of Güssing is globally renowned as the first entirely energy self-sufficient town. Electricity and hot water can be produced 100% from alternative sources! Iprona Güssing GmbH is also powered by renewable energy.

Our products contain the natural red pigments of berry fruits. These pigments, known as "anthocyanins", are considered the "vitamin of the 21st century". They protect blood vessels, have anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic, antiviral effects, and improve night vision. The antioxidant effect of anthocyanins significantly surpasses traditional substances like vitamins C and E.

Iprona Güssing GmbH Product Range

Elderberry color extract, blackcurrant color extract, natural colors from berries & fruits, elderberry juice concentrate clear/cloudy (AT-BIO-401), elderflower extract, natural elderberry aroma / flavors.
The products are used in the beverage and food industry, such as the tea industry, as an addition to alcoholic beverages, in the confectionery and bakery industry for candies, fruit gummies, or chewing candies, and in the dairy and ice cream industry for fruit preparations, coatings, or desserts.

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