A new era
is dawning

From 2024 we announce the name iprona for our five renowned companies Bayernwald, Iprona, TrentoFrutta, Beerenfrost and Vulcolor.
Because what began in 1923 with the Bayernwald company in Hengersberg now encompasses a whole series of companies in southern Germany, Austria and Italy.
In future, the know-how for the production of high-quality natural foods will be bundled under the common brand umbrella.

Our mission is to produce high-quality juices, purees, and concentrates for the food and beverage industry. Develop custom beverage ingredients, extracts, and components for supplements and health products while advocating for sustainable practices for the environment, progress, employees, and family tradition.
iprona - your first-choice partner for food, beverage, nutrition and health.

» iprona represents the shared identity that vigorously carries our long tradition, vision and values into the future.«

The entrepreneurial family

Love of Nature
Passion for Fruit

Nature is the source of all iprona fruit products – whether cultivated or wild, regional or exotic. Our love of nature and passion for excellent fruit enjoyment are at the heart of everything we do. Try our products and you’ll taste the love.

Here are some key facts:

for over 100 years
5 locations
in 3 different countries
Over 600
long-standing employees
Export of goods
to 75 countries
More than
60 processed fruit varieties
Cooling capacity
of over 100.000 m3
iprona Spirit
Our values

Building something from scratch is difficult. But it is even more difficult to remain successful in the long term and to secure continuous growth. It requires a conscious and, above all, sustainable use of the available resources. We are convinced that the well-being of our society is based on the three pillars of sustainability (economic, social, environmental) and have built our company values ​​on them:

Steady Progress
Appreciative Cooperation
Sense of Responsibility
Milestones of the iprona Group
A brief review
1923 in Hengersberg
Our roots are in Bavaria

Bayernwald was founded in 1923, inspired by the abundance of fruit in the Bavarian Forest. Ever since, we have specialised in the processing of fruit.

Iprona Hengersberg KG

(formerly Bayernwald KG)

The official registration of Bayernwald in 1923 marks the beginning. With a focus on processing and preserving local forest fruits, especially the production of tinned fruit and vegetables as well as fruit wines.

Fruit and mulled wine expertise

Bayernwald, an expert in mulled wine-like drinks from the very beginning, conquered the Christmas markets with its well-known Hitzkopf brand.

Bayernwald (iprona Hengersberg) expands

In 1960, Bayernwald begins producing fruit products for the processing industries.

Iprona Lana SpA

(formerly IPRONA AG)

The entrepreneurial family establishes Iprona - The Fruit Company in Lana, South Tyrol, Italy.

Iprona Trento SpA

(formerly TrentoFrutta SpA)

Acquisition of Eckes Italia in Trento and renaming it TrentoFrutta.

Iprona Lieboch GmbH

(formerly Beerenfrost Kühlhaus GmbH)

Foundation of Beerenfrost Kühlhaus GmbH (Lieboch, Austria) in partnership with the “Steirische Beerenobstgenossenschaft”

Iprona Güssing GmbH

(formerly Vulcolor Naturfarben GmbH)

In 2006, Vulcolor Naturfarben GmbH was established in Güssing, Burgenland, situated in Europe's largest elderberry-growing region.

iprona Group

With the joint brand iprona we want to secure the competitiveness of our companies today and in the future. The name iprona stands for  industrial production of natural food; the logo shows a drop falling on a tongue. It is the essence of all five companies: Taste and function for the human body, made from the rich fruits of the world.

From 2024 in 3 countries
and 5 locations

Bold, pioneering and for each other, we are now continuing our tradition of producing high-quality natural foods. In doing so, we combine our established expertise with specialised technologies.

our companies


Since the very beginning, we have focussed on quality, from the raw material to the finished product, which is guaranteed by controls, the latest technologies and the extensive experience of our employees.  One of our products has particularly stood out for its nutritional and physiological properties: the Haschberg elderberry. The elderberry is grown especially for us by over 600 farmers on an area of 1500 hectares of land, so that we can always guarantee and supply sufficient quantity and, above all, stable quality.

Elderberry contains a range of beneficial substances such as anthocyanins (cyanidin glucoside, cyanidin sambubioside), sugars, oils, minerals and vitamins. Elderberry is also a valued remedy with a wide range of effects.

Our strengths:

  • State-of-the-art processing technology
  • Proximity to the raw material
  • Secured raw material quantities
  • excellent colour retention due to gentle processing
Expertise since 1923
Your Partner for
food, beverage, nutrition & health