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Bayernwald KG became Iprona Hengersberg KG

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From 2024, Bayernwald KG will proudly bear the new name Iprona Hengersberg KG

The origins date back to 1923, when Bayernwald KG was founded, inspired by the fruit-rich landscapes of the Bavarian Forest. Since then, the company has specialised in the processing of fruit. Since 2024, the entrepreneurial family has chosen a uniform name for its five renowned companies - from Bayernwald to Iprona Hengersberg KG.

With the introduction of the joint "iprona" brand, we will secure the competitiveness of your companies today and in the future. Bold steps towards the future and respectful cooperation with our 600 dedicated employees will remain part of our corporate DNA. The next generation is already waiting in the wings to continue the legacy with innovation and tradition.

The structure, services and management of the company will not change - only the name.


Exquisite fruit and excellent fruit enjoyment - this is what Iprona Hengersberg KG has stood for since 1923. The passion and expertise of the family business is reflected in an attractive variety of products: be it delicious drinks for the retail trade or the finest fruit products for industry.
Acting responsibly involves far more than just a commitment to the highest product quality. It also includes dealing with customers, employees and, last but not least, the environment.

It is our aim to express the decades of experience of our fruit experts in every one of our products. For industrial customers as well as for connoisseurs at home. Since the company was founded in 1923, we have regarded nature's resources as a valuable commodity. The integration of social needs and environmental protection measures into an economic system capable of growth characterises our company history and is still the basis for national and international business relationships today.

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The products of Iprona Hengersberg KG: Hitzkopf, Bio Hitzkopf, Kinderpunsch, fruit wine, fruit juice and much more.

Iprona Hengersberg's home is one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Germany: the Bavarian Forest. We have been producing exquisite fruit wines, fruit mulled wines and juices there since 1923. In addition to our love of fruit, it is our wealth of experience that makes every product something very special.

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