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Beerenfrost Kühlhaus GmbH became Iprona Lieboch GmbH

Lieboch GmbH

In 1993 Beerenfrost Kühlhaus GmbH was founded in partnership with the berry-growing Co-op “Steirische Beerenobstgenossenschaft” from 2024 rebranded to iprona Lieboch.
The core business was and still is Styrian cultivated elderberries which are stored and processed in Lieboch. Besides this, we store not only our own fruits but we also rent freezing capacity, warehousing space and all kinds of services to do with frozen storage.
Through sustained positive development of the business, regular upgrades to the storage capacity have been possible.

Individual Service

De-stemming of berries
Mechanical and electronical cleaning of fruits
Commissioning of orders
Sorting and Re-packing
Public weight bridge
Export-/ Import customs clearance
Transport organisation
Lieboch Styria Austria

We can store your product dry, chilled or frozen, in racking, cradles (stackable units each containing 1 pallet) and bulk storage. Fresh products we freeze depending on quantity and client instruction in our coldstore rooms or in the blast-freezer at -37° Celsius. In 10 hours we can freeze up to 60 tonnes from +20° C to -20°C.

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