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TrentoFrutta became Iprona Trento SpA

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Starting from 2024, TrentoFrutta AG will be enthusiastically operating under the new name Iprona Trento SpA. TrentoFrutta has been in the global food business since 1961 and is one of the leaders in the fruit processing industry in Italy. 

Iprona Trento SpA has great expertise in the production of beverages and baby food, for the production and distribution of semi-finished fruit and vegetable products using high-quality raw materials, as well as for the development and production of finished products for large scale retail trade, HoReCa and Modern Trade.

Juices, juice concentrate / NFC, puree concentrate, smoothies and baby food 
With experience and passion Iprona Trento SpA package finished products, both for brands and private labels, and are able to offer different solutions to meet your requirements.

Supply chain: Products from organic, spray-controlled, demeter or conventional farming.

Iprona Trento SpA (formerly TrentoFrutta)  has been processing and manufacturing organic / Demeter fruit for babyfood since 1978 and has availability of internal agronomists who manages all TrentoFrutta’s supply-chain aspects. The company supports and collaborates with our suppliers’ experienced agronomists, who carry out controls on the quality of both the raw materials and harvest process in the fields of origin.
Flexibility: Iprona Trento SpA produce a variety of fruit based products combined with: yoghurt, vegetables, cereals, biscuits, vitamins and more.

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