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Glass bottles
juices, fruit nectars, drinks, smoothies and baby food
Flexible and

With experience and passion we package finished products, both for brands and private labels, and are able to offer different solutions to meet your requirements. Let yourself be inspired by our suggestions!

Pouch - Doypack

We have various high-performance hot-fill packaging lines that allow the use of pouches of different sizes and different materials, from the classic multi-layer to those made from sustainable materials, ranging from paper-pouches to mono-material. The latter represents a breakthrough in the packaging world of the food industry, being 100% recyclable.

Co-pacing in cups

Our service offers efficient filling solutions for mash, puree and concentrates in various shapes and sizes of cups. Ideal for baby food and puree-type foods as well as for customised concentrate solutions.

Special request

We followsmarket trends and is always ready to evaluate alternative and innovative proposals. You can rely on our R&D, which is constantly being updated, and on our technology, which is always state-of-the-art.
We are here to receive your ideas!

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