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So you have an idea for an amazing new drink. Then you are in the right place!
iprona is your ideal B2B-partner. Our experts will work closely with you to develop the just-right flavour, colour and mouthfeel to make your vision a market-ready reality. To ignite the innovation process, we need a clear vision of your idea of the final product, preferably detailed in a written brief.

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Alcohol-based drinks

Fruit and alcohol are a match made in heaven, for aperitifs and cocktails especially. iprona can supply you with the right fruit compounds to create your desired end product. Our development team will coordinate with your alcoholic product to create a guaranteed-consistent “all-in-one” solution.


Beer has come a long way, thanks to mix drinks. More new flavour combinations become available all the time, from traditional (with lemon) to innovative, such as peach or green apple. Or even, think Beer Mojito with the fresh accents of mint and lime. The possibilities are limitless!

Organic drinks

iprona recognized early on that organic products would not only become a trend, but that the demand for organic drinks and food will steadily increase over the years. That is why we can now look back on many years of experience in the production of high-quality organic juice concentrates and have built up a broad network of manufacturers of flavors, extracts and oils and consequently access to a large number of organic-certified and organic-suitable raw materials.

Our team will be happy to inform you about the various requirements that apply to organic beverages and will proactively support you in realizing your beverage concept.

Energy Drinks

Talk about sought-after pick-me-ups - next to multivitamins, energy drinks are the most popular dietary supplements consumed by American teens and young adults, according to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. These can be formulated according to your preferences, from traditional to innovative. We use natural ingredients, flavourings, extracts and colours, from elderberry as an example. 

For the caffeine energy kick,
we use the seeds of the guarana plant.
Drinks containing fruit juice

Drinks containing real fruit juice are popular with both kids and adults. Talk about versatile - juice drinks can be produced in a huge variety of flavours and mixed with or without carbon dioxide. Enhancing them with vitamins ups their ante!

Drinks with vegetables

Eat your veggies, mom always said. Here we take that a step further, turning vegetables into delicious juices for the business-to-business market.  IPRONA’s vegetable drinks can be used in combination with fruit juice concentrates, natural flavourings, extracts, even herbs. For anyone who likes a little heat, adding ginger or chili does the trick.

Soft drinks

The US soft drink market was valued at over $250 billion dollars in 2016 and is predicted to keep rising. Same story for other global markets. If you have a soft drink idea, we can help you create it! Keeping your vision and business goals top of mind, we can access IPRONA’s expansive variety of flavorings and sweetener options. Natural cola, fruity flavours, herb-infused options, anything (and everything!) is possible.

Malt drinks

Malt has played an important role in the production of drinks such as beer for centuries. Perhaps a lesser-known fact is that malt is a valuable source of energy for adults and children alike. Thanks to an innovative concept, IPRONA has succeeded in combining malt with fruit for delicious malt fruit drinks. No flavourings are used in the process - instead, malt is blended directly with juice to create natural fruit drinks, with or without alcohol.

Near-Water drinks

Problem: People say water is too boring, and traditional fruit juices too sweet or sour. Solution: Near-water drinks! Fruit and herbal additives take water to the next level for a flavourful, low-calorie beverage. And just like that, all of the wellness benefits of water, with flavour essences and a hint of juice from traditional to exotic. And for those who prefer it fizzy, carbon dioxide can easily be added.

Sport drinks

Tennis, anyone? Or for that matter, jogging, football, mountaineering, or any other active pursuit. Hydration is key, and sports drinks pair needed hydration with vitamins, minerals and a quick hit of energy. Athletes and millennials are expanding this market, possibly linked to sports drinks’ lower calorie counts versus traditional soft drinks (because of the use of sugar alternatives such as stevia or a mixture of glucose, fructose and sucrose). 
At iprona we also seek to optimize the drink’s isotonic value, also known as the osmotic pressure level, to maximize quick absorption for a high-speed energy boost.

Tea drinks

Some like it hot, others prefer it cold. Served chilled in summer, iced tea is an excellent refresher. Foundation choices abound, from traditional black tea through green tea or maté. Flavours can be sweet, tangy or fruity. Using sugar alternatives such as stevia keeps the overall calorie profile low while IPRONA’s unique infusion technology can lend an additional layer of taste, from bold to barely-there.

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