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Our primary goal is to preserve the natural ingredients, aromas, taste and colour of fruits by processing them gently. We achieve this high and standardised quality through carefully selected raw materials, the use of state-ofthe- art technologies and the knowledge and experience of our long-standing employees.


We specialise in the production of high-quality juices and direct juices from both fruit and vegetables. We take great care in selecting the best raw materials to ensure that every drop of our products offers an unrivalled taste experience. From sun-ripened berries to juicy apples and fresh vegetables, the ingredients are pressed directly without adding concentrates or additives. This method allows us to preserve the natural flavours and nutrients in their purest form.


We produce high-quality purees made from conventionally and organically grown fruit and vegetables, especially for baby food. From the berries to the fresh vegetables, everything is processed gently and without the addition of preservatives. We adhere to the strictest safety standards.

Puree concentrates

Customers appreciate the high degree of versatility offered by our puree concentrates. iprona uses only high-quality raw materials, guaranteeing year-round quality and availability.
Puree concentrates are mainly used for jams, to make fillings for baked goods and in the dairy industry to make fruit yogurts and ice cream.

Pulp concentrates

iprona offers quality pulp concentrates that can be potentially customised as desired with fruit pieces and seeds. They’re primarily used in the baked goods and confectionery industries, and for fruit preparations and coatings. Two advantages of pulp concentrates are reduced transport costs and lower storage costs as compared to single-strength products.

Freeze concentrates

Premium juice concentrates can also be produced using a cooling process. iprona is one of only a few companies worldwide able to separate water from fruit content using a protective crystallisation method. Freeze concentrates are premium-quality products which are realized without heat application during the concentration process. Therefore the main sensorial parameters of these products like colour, flavour and taste are optimally preserved during the concentration.

Juices reconstituted from freeze concentrates offer an exact sensory match to an NFC juice. Another benefit: Reduced transport costs and lower storage costs as compared to single juice. They’re a stellar choice for high-quality ice creams, coatings, cocktail mixes, fruit syrups, jellies and more.

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Juice concentrates

Our juice concentrates, produced using thermal concentration to reduce the water content from fresh or frozen fruit, are primarily used in the beverage industry for making fruit juice drinks, nectars, soft drinks or alcoholic drinks. Other possible applications include ice cream manufacturers and the confectionery, dairy and baked goods industries.

Our juice concentrates add a nutritional boost to confectionery, fruit gums and fruit preparations, fillings, coatings and more. Cloudy or clear juice concentrates are available. Certain of our juice concentrates can also be used to colour foods, which complements clean labelling declarations.

Fruit juice powders

Fruit powders are an interesting alternative to our liquid products. We use spray-drying technology to remove the water content from fruit extract or concentrate. Our versatile fruit powders can be used in a variety of applications, including baked goods, fruit fillings, confectionery, drink sachets and more

Instant powders

Our powders provide an all in one solution. Ready to drink after dilution with water, our instant powders have a natural fruit content, are microbiological stabile and standardised for taste and flavour. 

Formulated into refreshing drinks, hot beverages, alcopops and tea beverages, they can also be used in the Nutrition and Health sector for fibre drinks, slimming drinks and collagen drinks, etc.


Ask about iprona's proprietary “IPRONA Infusion Technology” to create natural infusions from leaves, roots, flowers, seeds and herbs. Our infusions are standardised using high-quality raw materials. Infusion technology is an innovative and creative way to develop unusual flavours which can differentiate your brand’s products in the competitive beverage marketplace.

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